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123 numbers

123 numbers

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Fun math for kids. Count & Tracing, Matemática para crianças: aprenda números, desenhe, aritmética fácil. Ternos para pré-escolares

Preparing a child for school can sometimes spoil the relationship between him and his parents, the child begins to feel stress and loathe to study. All this is a consequence of an incorrectly organized educational process.

Children want to play and have fun, not sit and study arithmetic diligently. The offspring's restlessness annoys mom and dad, they begin to raise their voices, forcing him to study mathematics for children, but finally they do not achieve any results, except of children's tears and their own headaches.

How can you make your child enjoy learning arithmetic? You can easily use educational games for children on the phone according to the age. You should remember that babies better perceive information from bright, colorful, funny and animated pictures.

Little kids should perform some actions themselves, interacting with the character, and not just looking at the screen. This will perfectly have an affect on the development of the child's associative thinking, it will be easier for him to remember the appearance of the numbers, and finally solve math problems.

We offer a special app where we teach kids to understand numbers, as well as help parents to prepare their children to study 1st grade mathematics. While playing the game, the child will have fun, learning the world of arithmetic, he will not only learn how the numbers look, but will also be able to add, subtract, multiply, divide, and playfully learn the multiplication table.

The app consists of 6 mini games:

• The game will help to memorize figures, their appearance and name, where three numbers appear on the screen and a child should poke his finger into the requested figure on the screen. If the answer is correct, then the figure jumps with joy, if not, then it is sad.

• «Circle the number» game is suitable for very little children. A translucent, non-colorful number appears on the screen, the baby traces it with his finger and it fills with colour and becomes joyful.

• For older children, there are games where they need to solve math problems using addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. An exercise appears on the screen and three answer options below it. The child needs to select the correct number and drag it behind the equal sign. The correct answer is accompanied by joyful animation, the wrong one is accompanied by sad animation.

Arithmetic for children may not be boring, but fun and amusing while studying it in our app with colorful animated characters who can rejoice with your child in his success, encouraging learning the world of numbers.



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