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34 anos NEET Chapterwise & Topicwise Solved Papers (1988-2021) e teste simulado

33 years NEET/AIPMT Chapter Wise Solutions Biology is a chapter wise question bank having questions from past 33 years NEET/AIPMT exam. This app is updated with the questions of NTA conducted NEET 2020 exam and Chapter wise questions of last 33 years’ (1988-2020) of AIPMT/NEET with detailed answers for easy and clear understanding of NEET Exam pattern.

Chapter-wise & Topic-wise questions gives a clear idea regarding chapter weightage. Once after completing the chapter, attempting questions from previous years exams give a real indication of the efforts required.

Revised & Updated Chapter-wise & Topic-wise MCQs for NEET is a collection of asked MCQs for Medical entrance exams. The App contains ‘Chapter-wise & Topic-wise MCQs’ which were asked in last 33 year (1988-2020). The App contains 38 chapters covering a total of around 3800+ MCQs followed by solutions.

The answers of the questions is given at the bottom of screen. The answers have been given in such a manner that a student can easily understand it.

📌Chapter-wise & Topic-wise Solved Papers
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✨Features for Students:
✔ Read all Questions-Answers App.
✔ Learn Anywhere through our App.
✔ Offline Access whole content of Previous Year Papers.
✔ Create own question Paper for Self-Evaluation.

📗Features of App
✔ NEET Topic-wise Solved Papers BIOLOGY contains the past year papers of NEET, 2020-1988 distributed in 128+ Topics.

✔ The Topics have been arranged exactly in accordance to the NCERT books so as to make it 100% convenient to Class 11 & 12 students.

✔ The detailed hint and solutions of all questions are provided at the bottom of each chapter inside ⚪Hint button to bring conceptual clarity.

✔ The app contains around 3800+ MILESTONE PROBLEMS.

✨App Includes following Topics✨
01. The Living World
02. Biological Classification
03. Plant Kingdom
04. Animal Kingdom
05. Morphology of Flowering Plants
06. Anatomy of Flowering Plants
07. Structural Organisation in Animals
08. Cell-The Unit of Life
09. Biomolecules
10. Cell Cycle and Cell Division
11. Transport in Plants
12. Mineral Nutrition
13. Photosynthesis in Higher Plants
14. Respiration in Plants
15. Plant Growth and Development
16. Digestion and Absorption
17. Breathing and Exchange of Gases
18. Body Fluids and Circulation
19. Excretory Products and Their Elimination
20. Locomotion and Movement
21. Neural Control and Coordination
22. Chemical Coordination and Integration
23. Reproduction in Organisms
24. Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants
25. Human Reproduction
26. Reproductive Health
27. Principles of Inheritance and Variation
28. Molecular Basis of Inheritance
29. Evolution
30. Human Health and Diseases
31. Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production
32. Microbes in Human Welfare
33. Biotechnology: Principles and Processes
34. Biotechnology and Its Applications
35. Organisms and Populations
36. Ecosystem
37. Biodiversity and Conservation
38. Environmental Issues

👉🏼The chapters have been divided as per the Class 11th & 12th syllabus followed by the NCERT books. Some of the chapters which are split in the class 11th & 12th syllabus in NCERT have been combined. There might be certain topics! chapters which are not covered in NCERT but are a part of NEET syllabus.

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Sobre 34 anos NEET Chapterwise & Topicwise Solved Papers (1988-2021) e teste simulado
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