MT4 Lost Honor

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MT4 Lost Honor

Renascimento épico clássico MMORPG! Vamos atacar a honra!

❤ Please check if game package is full downloaded.
1. Find [My Files] on your phone-[Device storage]-[Android]-[obb] and check if there is a file named[com.efun.semt]
2. If you get the 1.93GB obb file, please check the file named "". If no, please correct it as "".
Then please relogin the game.
❤ Please make sure that your device has more than 4G storage. If not, please delete the unnecessary app in phone or clear some cache, and try to log in agian.

MT4-Lost Honor one of the Series of epic fantasy MMORPG game. Explore huge open world by flying around in a movie quality graphic, bringing the free world true exploration experience. With 8 major classes job that can be switch into the cute or true form, three series of inscription skills, rich talents, diversified career development routes, create your own legend. More classic battlefields, epic Dungeon and other rich game play waiting for you to challenge!

In the game, the player will enter Eminoel as an excellent adventurer, starting from the magnificent St. Emperor Dragon City, crossing the flat Baker County, the dark bloody swamp and the steep roaring ice sheet; finally reach the fertile golden grassland. Player will help others through the main story of the plot, save good friends, fight with evil monsters, and explore the unknown world. In the process of the player's growth, They have been concerned by the forces of all parties and gradually exposing the conspiracy of blood-red sacrifices, fighting against the blood-red sacrifices with the heroes of all ethnic groups, preventing them from saving the dragon god, and making unremitting efforts to maintain peace in the continent of Eminoel.

[Epic fantasy world]
Race, power, country, who will you fight for? Long after epic god war, ambitions and disputes never stop... gold, silver, bronze humans coexist, trolls, gnomes, orcs, undead and other multi-ethnicity, mercenary guild, red stone empire, magician guild, etc. Organizations are mutually restrained; disputes and ambitions make the world full of challenges and changes. Race, power, state, power struggle, become reformers or guardians are up to you!

[8 Major Class true or cute form]
The game has 8 major class types, 3 series inscriptions, and 18 talents for players to choose. Each class has two types of True and cute that can switch freely during game play. Different talents in every class can freely develop by your own direction; make diversity combination and contribution to your team. Diversity brings more tactical option to defeat the team dungeon.

[Unite the power, Fight the Team Dungeon]
The team dungeon is fully with action and tactical game play, it rely on the player's strategic mind, and decide how to team up, in order to successfully conquer the dungeons. There are various BOSS ability and difficulty in every dungeon. Players need to be in a correct position, and cooperate with the skills of their each job to conquer it. A solid dungeon challenge brings such true gaming experience with sense of accomplishment.

[Innovative open world Fantasy RPG]
No more mainstream RPG mission, leveling, fight boss and cycling task game mechanism. In addition to the daily mission, the game includes more than 50 kinds of game play such as, fishing, 360-degree free flight, and treasure digging, awaits the player to explore. Allow players to upgrade and grow with the game characters to live the dreams in true fantasy gaming world

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MT4 Lost Honor foi atualizado recentemente rpg mmorpg aplicação por EFUN COMPANY LIMITED, que pode ser usado para vários gaming inalidades. Sua versão mais recente 4.00 tem 433 transferências. Você pode baixar MT4 Lost Honor APK para Android agora.

Você pode extrair facilmente informações detalhadas sobre cada aplicativo a partir de suas capturas de tela. Tenha uma idéia brilhante de seus recursos e o que esperar dele.


Nome MT4 Lost Honor
Sobre Renascimento épico clássico MMORPG! Vamos atacar a honra!
Classificação 5.00 / 5 de 13 votos
Requisitos Require Android 4.1 and up
Idioma Inglês
Licença Livre
Categorias games, RPG, MMORPG, gaming, world, dungeons
Tamanho 34M
Versão 4.00
Transferências 433


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