Attack on Survey Corps

Attack on Survey Corps

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A conversational style hentai adventure game for Android based on Attack on Titans manga.


Attack on Survey Corps การผจญภัย เกม

Attack on Survey Corps is an Android-based game inspired by the renowned Japanese manga series, Attack on Titans, authored by Hajime Isayama. Its also known as AOSC. As a tribute from its fan community, the game portrays a conversational hentai adventure narrative that diverges from the manga's original plotline where the protagonist, Eren Jaeger, battles titanic creatures to save humanity. Instead, Attack on Survey Corps transforms into a casual dating simulator, encouraging players to engage in flirtatious conversations with the camp's female characters to unlock various hentai scenes.

The game features familiar characters from both the manga and anime adaptations but is not officially associated with the original franchise. Its gameplay closely resembles a visual novel where the players navigate through different locations and interact with diverse characters to progress in the story. The primary objective here is to choose the most suitable phrases in your conversations, which leads to successful scores in the game.

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4.00 จาก 5 จาก 1 โหวต

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