Phone Dialer: Contacts Backup

Phone Dialer: Contacts Backup

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All in one phone dialer and contacts backup to manage your favorite call list


Phone Dialer: Contacts Backup แอป info

Phone dialer and contacts backup app come with an iOS-style phone dialer to check recent contacts and call screen for easy call initiation. 🚀 🚀⚡️

Easily dial numbers using the iOS-style dial pad and check your recent calls. It comes with an easy-to-use user interface to access your contacts along with your phone book. 🚀 ✨

Contacts and telephone dialer make it easier for you to find and dial numbers. This “Phone Dialer” is a telephone app that makes it very easy to use the Dialpad. Add your family contacts as your favorite contacts so that you can easily access them. 🚀 ☄️

The new iOS dialer allows you to access your contacts on your android phone and maintain call logs easily. With the new feature of the iOS phone dialer, you can easily manage your call logs, block spam numbers, and manage your call list. Experience the new iOS dialer in your android with this iOS style Phone dialer & Contacts Backup App. 🚀

In addition, the iOS phone dialer & Contacts app comes with multiple theme modes. It has dark and light theme modes so users can choose their favorite theme. 💡 💡☄️

Block Spam Contacts ✨
Phone Dialer app comes with a quick dial pad and a customized dialer. Block phone numbers directly from a phone book and avoid unwanted calls using our smart dialer. It is a smartphone dialer that gives contact suggestions, calling your loved ones is just one tap away. This is an amazing dialer for android users who want an iOS-themed dial pad call screen with productivity.

Simpler Call Dialer ✨
Simple Phone dialer & call app allows you to add your favorite contacts in a quick cell phone dial. Contacting people is made hassle-free with our dialer app for android. Manage your calls easily with our phone calling dialer app, it is one of our free apps. It provides phonebook functionality; our offline app also allows you to share contacts with your friends and family.

Access Contacts & Recent Calls ✨
Dialer can improve you’re calling experience and replace your default dialer with our iOS-style dialer. It makes it easy to access recent phone calls, contacts, and favorite phone book numbers. This phone dialer & caller id app is a stylish cell phone dialer app that gives you the ultimate iOS dialer experience on your android smartphone. Moreover, this dialer app makes it easy to search for a contacts list.

Customized Phone Dialer ✨
Phone dialer has an iOS13 style dialer, which serves as an iOS launcher. T9 dialer for your android comes with many features, it increases your productivity and serves as a fast phone dialer. Moreover, you don’t need any kind of data or WIFI for using the dialer app, you can get it from the store and use it.

iOS Dialer & Contacts Backup ✨
Save new numbers easily and add them under a new contact to your phone book and you can back up all your contacts. Add extra credentials such as email address, postal address, and additional notes using our contacts app. Calling contacts is just a tap away with a dialer quickly contacts search, it is the ultimate smart dialer. In addition, the user-friendly interface of the contacts and dialer app makes it easy for users to navigate through the app and manage their contacts.

iOS Style Phone Dialer ✨
iOS Style phone dialer & Contacts Backup App has the feature of personalization. User can personalize their contacts, caller id, and call screen. You can customize the caller id or dial-pad background of your device and manage all the contacts. Moreover, add your favorite contacts to the quick access bar of the dialer app and easily access them to call or send a text message.

FEATURES of Phone Dialer & Contacts Backup ✨
• iOS Style Dialpad & Caller ID
• Contact Backup with iOS Dialpad
• Blocks Spam contacts
• Dialer iOS13 Style
• T9 Dialer with Dial Pad
• iOS style dial pad: simpler to manage contacts
• Phonebook list with Recent Contacts
• Dialpad & Contacts Manager
• Phone Dialpad to check Recent Call Log


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Phone Call Dialer - Call Log Permission

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Phone Dialer เวอร์ชันเก่า

  • Phone Dialer: Contacts Backup 5.2.1

    May 20, 2023 • APK
  • Phone Dialer: Contacts Backup 4.0.2

    Feb 20, 2023 • APK

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Android 7.0
APK (Android Package Kit)
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