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Batman vs Evil

Batman vs Evil

  • v1.00

Each level of the game is not closed location located on it in riddles, gangsters, bonuses and items that can be used by a player to pass

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Each level of the game is not closed location located on it in riddles, gangsters, bonuses and items that can be used by a player to pass one or another sub-step. Levels Arhemskaya mental hospital. Two-Face has escaped from a psychiatric clinic Arkham Asylum. Your main goal - to regain control in the hospital. Stage decoration are electric chairs, solitary confinement, and technical departments. In some places, you can find a hospital life, she is depicted in the form of coins. Bank of Gotham. Bank captured two-faced. It is necessary to free the guards landed in hostage rescue Commissioner Gordon also simultaneously fighting two-faced thugs. Reflectors on the head may include first aid kits and other useful items. Lifts help to move between floors of the bank. Then the helicopter will pick you two-faced tank with toxins, you should not fall off the tank. In the circus. In 5 minutes you need to defuse a bomb laid by two-faced. Extra time can be extended picked up "Service" after a battle with aggressive circus actors. It is possible to slide on the ropes, which hold the platform in the circus. Lair of the two-faced. The action takes place on the dark abandoned warehouse. The main goal - to find and get rid of the two-faced, which recovers energy during each toss your favorite coins. Passage facilitate various tumblers, which can be reset by switching boxes in acid or a useful object. In there are two two-faced assistant Spezia and stamens. In Nigma Elegant room with charades and riddles. To pass the required insight and wit. The mission will give a few lives if we find the secret. How to smack Riddler. Gotham Underground The action takes place in the underground Gotham. Trains orgy of gangsters Two-Face and Riddler, the current passes along the rails, which knocks down. The ceilings of huge holes, some of which lead to the hidden sub-steps. You can climb up to the ceiling with the help of the gadget when moving trains. Batman's Cave Gangsters Nigma had to taste shelter Batman. Should hurry to save anything from the equipment in the cave. Stage decoration Batmobile is located at the end of the level. Save Cave of Two-Face and the Riddler thugs. Flying Island Final. The hero comes to the island Riddler. Dr. Chase Meridian kidnapped two-faced and the Riddler. The land stretches from under their feet, poisonous spines, gangsters, luminous rays. At the end of a surprise in the form of a huge robot that crushes everything that comes his way. Get familiar with the two-faced and the Riddler, and release from captivity of Dr. Chase Meridian. At the end of the game over the city lights bat-signal. The game is over.


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game, arcade, fun, adventures, tom, jerry
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