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Cat & Dog Translator—Pet translator, album, sounds

Köpek çevirmeni, kedi çevirmeni, evcil hayvan albümü, kedi sesleri ve köpek sesleri hepsi bir arada.

Do you have confusions of your pet’s world?What is your cat/dog saying? Or do you want them to understand you? This human-cat/dog translator can help you know your pet’s world 🐶 🐱

✔ Easy to use: One click to switch from a cat translator to dog translator. In the cat language translator mode, Long press the meow button to record cat language, then release. You would hear meow-match English. Same operation in the dog bark translator mode. Additionally, you can record English and translate to cat/dog language. Ready to fool your friends by changing your voice? Go!
✔ Auto-generated pet album: This APP can Automatically identify photos of cats and dogs in your albums and generate your own pet album. You can easily view all your pet photos on this APP. Additionally, you can edit photos in the album.
✔ Abundant pets’ sounds: This pet translator is also a cat/dog simulator where there are different pets’ sounds. We collect real cat/dog sounds corresponding to their different moods and feelings, like angry, hungry, warning etc. Just click to play the sounds to fool your cat/dog!
✔Suitable for all the cat/dog keepers: You don’t need to worry about a specific breed! This pet translator is applicable for all the breeds! Kitty or puppy? Or:
American short cat, British short cat, Garfield cat, Persian cat, Scottish Fold cat, Siamese cat, Sphinx hairless cat, German curly cat, Abyssinian cat, Bengal leopard cat, Siamese cat, Russian Blue Cat, Abyssinian Cat, Ragdoll Cat, Havana Cat, Snowshoe Cat, Japanese Short-tailed Cat, American Stuffed Cat, Rabbi, Welsh Cat, Kenyan Cat, Egyptian Cat, Linqing Lion Cat, Pomeranian cat, Labrador retriever, bulldog, German shepherd, golden retriever, yorkshire terrier, poodle, beagle, Siberian Husky, Chihuahua mix, boxer, pug, English mastiff, rottweiler, dachshund, Doberman, Great Dane, shih tzu, bull terrier, border collie, cavalier king , French bulldog, cardigan welsh corgi, Alaskan malamute, basset hound, Australian shepherd, English coker spaniel, chow chow, English springer spaniel, spitz, american staffordshire terrier, akita inu, Australian Cattle Dog, Maltese bichon, newfoundland, pointer, English greyhound, Bernese, bichon frize, shetland sheepdog, jack russell terrier, bullmastiff, St. Bernard, staffordshire bull terrier, miniature, German Shorthaired Pointer, airedale terrier, Chesapeake Bay Retriever, affenpinscher, pitbull and shar pei schnauzer….

This is a dog language translator as well as a cat language translator! In addition, it’s a cat/dog simulator that you can fool your fluffy friends by changing your voice to meow and woof. It’s totally free !

Try this pet translator whenever you have a pet or are going to choose one in Petco or adopt a pet. It can help you communicate with your dog or cat!

Are you ready to fool your friends by changing your voice to meow meow and woof now? Are you looking forward translate your dog’s language or cat’s language? Download it for free now! 💗

Note: Cats and dogs often respond to sounds collected in this app. If your pet shows signs of distress or attack, please stop using it immediately. During developing this app, no harm was caused to the animals.

Cat & Dog Translator—Pet translator, album, sounds kısa süre önce güncellendi translator pet tarafından yapılan başvuru Shanghai MinJiang network technology co., LTD, çeşitli' için kullanılabilir album amaçlar. En son sürümü 1.2.9 vardir 1063540 İndirilenler. Android için Cat & Dog Translator—Pet translator, album, sounds APK hemen indirebilirsiniz.


İsim Cat & Dog Translator—Pet translator, album, sounds
Hakkında Köpek çevirmeni, kedi çevirmeni, evcil hayvan albümü, kedi sesleri ve köpek sesleri hepsi bir arada.
Derecelendirme 4.20 / 5 of 74 votes
Gereksinimler Require Android 4.4 and up
Dil Ingilizce
Lisans ücretsiz
Kategoriler tools, translator, pet, album, sounds, terrier
Boyut 42M
Versiyon 1.2.9
Güncelleme Tarihi
Yazar Shanghai MinJiang network technology co., LTD
İndirilenler 1063540


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