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Haftanız için Willpower, yemek tarifleri, videolar, hikayeler, stressiz, yaşam tarzı değişikliği

Willpower for your week, recipes, videos, stories, stress free lifestyle change

Within this APP, you’ll learn how to reduce stress in the body and balance hormones.  In the process of doing this, members have reported losses of up to 20 lbs in 30 days without hunger or muscle loss and report experiencing health results like night sweats and hot flashes gone, migraines eliminated, inflammation gone, bp normalized, blood sugar stabilized, restful full nights of sleep returned, irritability, anxiety and depression addressed.  While we will not claim that you will get any particular weight loss or health result, because each person’s outcome is dependent upon their body and their adherence to the plan, the stories our members tell us about each of their results are AMAZING!!!  

Within this APP, you’ll discover FULLY ALIVE NATION, a place where a connection occurs with like-minded people. Services, programs & products will be available to directly address why you’ve lost weight in the past and regained it or why you’ve been unable to lose weight or achieve the ultimate nutrition and health habits you long to have. (The ‘why’ is NOT that you can’t push yourself back from the table, by the way!) Your Powerful Why© is the game changer! Knowing your Powerful Why© is crucial. Knowing the 2 simple components for HOW to achieve your Powerful Why© is something not being taught anywhere else. Stories, events, contests, fun, food, flare, fitness, fashion, making friends, finances, closer to family, even the favor that comes with living a FULLY ALIVE LIFESTYLE will be shared!

To make journaling easier, a Food Log with countess choices is here. An automatic way to track your steps, your water intake, your body’s hydration level and sleep patterns is also here. Easy access to appointments with your coach, quicker communication to your coach, recipes, cooking & metabolism retraining videos are all here too! Plus, HIPPA Compliance is standard.

Over the last several years and throughout our membership, we’ve seen a trend of 1 of 3 things, especially for people over the age of 35.

t•tYou can’t lose weight at all. You’ve always been able to lose, but now, no matter what you do, you can’t lose an ounce!

t•tYou’re able to lose a little bit, but then you get stuck. You’re eating right AND exercising, but you can’t get past a certain point, especially for people over 35.

t•tYou have unexplained weight gain. You never had weight to lose, but now, all of a sudden it just showed up… usually around the belly.

Again… each of these trends occurs in people over 35.

Plus…we cover STRESS, and what it does to the body. It creates an environment that makes losing weight even MORE impossible. You’ll earn not only what it’s doing to you, but more importantly, how to control it so you can feel amazing until the day you leave this planet.

7 Hormones are Keeping you from losing weight, causing unexplained weight gain and creating health issues that affect your life negatively.

Meet members who’ve gotten rid of night sweats, hot flashes, irritability, high bp, high diabetic numbers, insomnia, inflammation and more

The goal you want to achieve is vital and a plan to follow is necessary.  But, people think that’s all it takes. Then we fail. It’s because THAT’S NOT EVEN CLOSE TO WHAT IT TAKES!  Lifestyle Success is the KEY to getting to the goal because it is the KEY to you adhering to and executing your plan! Yet, once you’re there, you won’t stay there unless you have a tool for TRUE & LASTING lifestyle improvement.  Contagious Wellness is that TREASURE CHEST/POT OF GOLD!  

When you keep hormones in balance, it is impossible to have a weight issue.

Exercise for those who hate exercise.

The highest quality vitamins on the market. GMP certified procedures, impeccable assay reports, high potency, highly absorbent.

Fully Alive kısa süre önce güncellendi fitness fully tarafından yapılan başvuru CoachCare, çeşitli' için kullanılabilir alive amaçlar. En son sürümü 2.38.910 vardir 1398 İndirilenler. Android için Fully Alive APK hemen indirebilirsiniz.


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Hakkında Haftanız için Willpower, yemek tarifleri, videolar, hikayeler, stressiz, yaşam tarzı değişikliği
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