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Real Guitar

Real Guitar

  • v1.2.3

Real Guitar Band-free akorları ve sekmeleriAkustik ve Elektro gitar, kolay müzik oyunu🎸

Real Guitar Simulator is a Virtual band for all mastered musician and beginners, adults and kids.You can learn thousands free songs, tabs & chords, play awesome dynamic rhythm game and gain your guitar skill in easiest way.It provide a lot of Backing Tracks and Looper which will help you to be the best accompanist or band member

Real Guitar Simulator have a collection of all types of guitar:acoustic guitar,classic guitar ,ukulele and electric guitar with various effect pedal.Both acoustic and electric guitar are recorded on famous brand such as Fender,Gibson,Martin,Taylor.And you can even find ukulele or sitar here.
When you have free time,playing rhythm simulator games is the best way to spend it.The app have tons of tabs with easy lesson,and new songs will be updated every day!Jamming to your favorite song and create awesome backing tracks!You can also master 2000+ chords and learn more about Chord progression to make new tabs.Just like play real guitar,you can easily enjoy strum pattern,fingerstyle,arpeggios,riffs,strike.Just be your pocket guitarist!You can change Pattern or Looper BPM anytime you want to practice better,you got 70 BPM to feel romantic or go 250 BPM to be a rock beater.Also ,create your own loops with chord progression panel and customized looper which is coming soon

No matter you have a guitar by hand or not, the real-guitar simulator app is a must-have tool to play with free tabs and chord. As a Virtual band guitar,you can practice guitar or test your skills on the road home, at the party, during a trip, etc, anywhere & anytime as you want.It is Very Easy for BEGINNER ! And Chords library is very useful for guitar practice, helping your find any chords you want on the fingerboard or fretboard

Main features of the app:

🎶All Types of Real Guitar Tool:
All High-quality guitar sounds are recorded using master musical instruments:
- Acoustic guitar
- Classic guitar
- Electric guitar with effect pedal:Clean,Jazz,Distortion,Fuzz,Flanger,Amplitube
- 12 Strings guitar
- Sitar
- Ukulele

🎶Chord bank

- 2000+ Chords in Library
- Professional Chord progression
- Easy Chord Progression
- Chord Finder gives you access to find chords quickly

🎶Ultimate Songs & Tabs:

- Dozens of tab genres:Folk,country,rock,traditional,classic
- Jam your favorite songs
- Songbook with notes and chords
- Arpeggio in solo mod

🎶Various Play Options:

- Chord mode to learn strumming and fingerstyle pattern
- Change Pattern BPM anytime you want
- Melody Game mode for practice main rhythm
- The most convenient solo mode is coming soon
- Nylon and steel strings
- Looper && Backing Tracks && Riffs
- Solo Mode on 24-frets fingerboard

With Guitar Simulator app,you have a real virtual pro music instrument right in your pocket !You can use the free guitar app when you are on the train, lying on your bed, anywhere as you want.Whether you’re striving to become the next rock guitarist or simply looking for free games to pass time with music, Real Guitar will provide you and your friends with a lot of fun! You can use the guitar simulator & music tiles game to practice chords, improve the sense of rhythm.

Go get Real Guitar and started your musician career Right Now! Be enjoy the accompanist lifestyle and Jamup!Let‘s guitar play😀


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Very impressive app...I like it so much...Apart there should also be recording mode...😊..
Great guitar app, I learned a lot songs from it. The game is very enjoyable ☺️🤩
Great solo and chords guiter, but sound effect not clear....pls update the app.....
This is the best app I can play it for a long time!!
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