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Internxt, Secure Cloud Storage

Güvenli, Özel, Şifreli, Sıfır Bilgili Dosya ve Fotoğraf Bulut Depolama Hizmeti

Internxt Drive allows all users to store files in a truly secure, private, free, and eco-friendly cloud.

With Internxt Drive, user data is no longer stored in a central location, but instead client-side encrypted, fragmented, and then distributed amongst different servers all over the world. With Internxt Drive, the user is the only one with access to his or her digital possessions, the way it should have always been. Privacy and Security at its finest.

We encrypt all your data before it leaves your device. This is a major difference from mainstream services, which usually only encrypt customer data in transit or at rest, which means that these companies themselves can still access and use your data. With our encryption model, only you hold the keys to your data. Therefore, Internxt can never access your data and more importantly, in the event, Internxt was ever hacked, the intruders would not be able to access your data either. Internxt will also plant a tree on your behalf for every year you're subscribed to one of our premium plans. Upgrade for free for a whole month, cancel anytime!

Internxt Drive is not only incredibly private and secure, but also free, green. Make the switch to a better cloud storage service.

Internxt, Secure Cloud Storage kısa süre önce güncellendi internxt drive tarafından yapılan başvuru Internxt Universal Technologies Sociedad Limitada, çeşitli' için kullanılabilir secure amaçlar. En son sürümü 1.5.3 vardir 142036 İndirilenler. Android için Internxt, Secure Cloud Storage APK hemen indirebilirsiniz.


İsim Internxt, Secure Cloud Storage
Hakkında Güvenli, Özel, Şifreli, Sıfır Bilgili Dosya ve Fotoğraf Bulut Depolama Hizmeti
Derecelendirme 3.40 / 5 of 81 votes
Gereksinimler Require Android 5.0 and up
Dil Ingilizce
Lisans ücretsiz
Kategoriler productivity, internxt, drive, secure, cloud, storage
Boyut 31M
Versiyon 1.5.3
Güncelleme Tarihi
Yazar Internxt Universal Technologies Sociedad Limitada
İndirilenler 142036


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