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Block Sudoku Puzzle

Blockudoku, Sudoku ve yapbozun harika bir kombinasyonudur.

Blockudoku is a wonderful combination of Sudoku and jigsaw puzzle. It's a simple but challenging puzzle game that you can't put down.

By matching wood blocks to form lines and squares, they are eliminated. Clear the chessboard and break your high score record.


✔ 9x9 chessboard. Moving blocks in a 9x9 grid to build lines and squares is familiar to all Sudoku players.

✔ Wood blocks of various shapes. Use strategy to stack small cubes on the chessboard to destroy them and leave nothing on the chessboard.

✔ Complete the daily challenge and get a unique trophy.

✔ Colorful theme. Options range from minimalist block games to classic block puzzles.

✔ Challenging goals. Never stop challenging yourself - try to break your highest score, or compete with a friend.

✔ Multiple hits. By eliminating multiple elements in one step, you can become a game master.

✔ Double Hit. Get more points by eliminating elements in successive moves.

✔ Unique mechanism. Blockudoku aims to be a perfect combination of Sudoku and jigsaw puzzle.

✔ Addictive game operation. You can play whenever you feel bored or want to train your brain.

How to be a blockudoku master

Because there is no time limit, there is no need to worry. If you have to face a difficult choice, think ahead of time, because this may be the last step.

Try to put the classic blocks on the chessboard, and try to eliminate the straight line or 3x3 small squares at each step, so as not to let the blocks fill the chessboard.

Find your Zen Mind by balancing eliminating shapes as quickly as possible with getting as many combos and multiple hits as possible.

Why play this game?

Blockudoku slide puzzles are designed for people who want to relax and develop their brains at the same time. It's all about scale and complexity, as well as simple but addictive gameplay. Whether it's fatigue or depression, a few games of blockudoku slide puzzles can cheer you up and relax.

If you like jigsaw puzzles and elimination games, or block hexa puzzles, blockudoku is perfect for you. Immerse yourself in this mental game and get rid of daily anxieties and negative thoughts. You won't be bored! Use a relaxed and challenging blockudoku game to release pressure or train brain power, anytime, anywhere!

Block Sudoku Puzzle kısa süre önce güncellendi games block tarafından yapılan başvuru Ofter Play Studio, çeşitli' için kullanılabilir sudoku amaçlar. En son sürümü 1.6.1 vardir 2881 İndirilenler. Android için Block Sudoku Puzzle APK hemen indirebilirsiniz.


İsim Block Sudoku Puzzle
Hakkında Blockudoku, Sudoku ve yapbozun harika bir kombinasyonudur.
Derecelendirme 3.70 / 5 of 6 votes
Gereksinimler Require Android 5.1 and up
Dil Ingilizce
Lisans ücretsiz
Kategoriler casual, games, block, sudoku, puzzle, blockudoku
Boyut 9.5M
Versiyon 1.6.1
Güncelleme Tarihi
Yazar Ofter Play Studio
İndirilenler 2881


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