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Celtic Heroes - 3D MMORPG

Sihirli, warcraft ve macera dolu büyük bir 3D açık dünya MMORPG girin!

Enter a huge 3D open world MMORPG full of magic, warcraft and adventure in this free online game for your mobile and tablet device!

Team up with millions of players from across the globe in a truly stunning and unforgettable real-time fantasy MMO roleplaying action adventure, in a massive 3D persistent, evolving world full of challenging quests, epic battles, heroic feats and new friendships!

Become a Celtic Heroes legend, and lead your Clan to victory in this incredible, unique and epic MMORPG gaming experience on your mobile device with hundreds of thousands of hours of game-play available!

★ Set out on a truly amazing 3D MMORPG adventure across the vast and beautiful lands of Dal Riata..
★ Customise your character with unique features
★ Develop and master your skills to match your own play style,building new friendships with other players!
★ Team up together and compete against rivals in real-time. Fight leagues of legendary enemies including ruthless invaders, infernal imps and fire breathing dragons, crafted for war!
★ Chat and trade in-game items with other Celtic Heroes and Clan mates as your quest on your adventures to bring order to the mythical lands of Dal Riata from threatening forces of darkness and chaos!

Join millions of players online in an epic journey through a 3D Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying open-world of Celtic Mythology

+ FREE TO PLAY: true 3D MMORPG Celtic Heroes in real-time!
+ 5 fully customisable character classes to play - Warrior, Mage, Druid, Ranger, Rogue.
+ Massive stunning 3D MMO open-world gameplay (worldwide)
+ Chat and form Clans with hundreds of thousands of players from around the world in real-time!
+ RPG style hundreds of varied and challenging quests to complete, inspired by Celtic mythology
+ PvP Battles and Combat Duels challenging the bravest!
+ Earn & trade thousands of weapons, armour and items
+ Clash against other Clans with our new in-game Leader boards!
+ Game Language: English

➟ Supports Android 2.3.3 and up
➟ Game access requires mobile internet or wifi connection
➟ Touchscreen device required to play

Millions of gamers have already ventured into the expansive worlds of this massive 3D MMO Celtic Heroes the most immersive 3D MMO on mobile. Join now for an epic open-world true 3D MMORPG experience in real-time!

Are you a true hero? Dal Riata needs you!


Visit our MMORPG website for news and updates online:
3D MMO Celtic Heroes - https://www.celtic-heroes.com
Chat with other players: https://www.celtic-heroes.com/forum
Follow us on Twitter! https://www.twitter.com/celticheroes
Like us on Facebook! https://facebook.com/celticheroes

Celtic Heroes - 3D MMORPG kısa süre önce güncellendi games celtic tarafından yapılan başvuru One Thumb Mobile Ltd, çeşitli' için kullanılabilir heroes amaçlar. En son sürümü 3.7.5 vardir 2410471 İndirilenler. Android için Celtic Heroes - 3D MMORPG APK hemen indirebilirsiniz.


İsim Celtic Heroes - 3D MMORPG
Hakkında Sihirli, warcraft ve macera dolu büyük bir 3D açık dünya MMORPG girin!
Derecelendirme 3.80 / 5 of 74 votes
Gereksinimler Require Android 5.0 and up
Dil Ingilizce
Lisans ücretsiz
Kategoriler role playing, games, celtic, heroes, mmorpg, gaming
Boyut 1.9G
Versiyon 3.7.5
Güncelleme Tarihi
Yazar One Thumb Mobile Ltd
İndirilenler 2410471


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