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Gym workout - Fitness apps

Antrenör uygulamamla fitness uygulamaları, antrenman planlayıcısı, egzersiz ve fitness programı.

Fitness apps contains gym workouts for men and gym workouts for women prepared by practicing fitness trainer. For men, fitness program are divided according to the goals: for beginners, for gaining mass, increasing strength, as well as for losing weight and relief. With the help of them, you can pump up the abs and other muscles, and even training your arms will not be a problem. For women, there will be useful training programs for the legs and gluteal muscles, as well as for overweight beginners and circuit training. For girls who work out at home there is a dumbbell workout that will help to achieve results with a minimum of sports equipment while training at home. It is also possible to create your own training programs, as you see fit. You will create your own training plan in which there will be free exercises, our personal trainer will help with this.
Our fitness trainer free has collected effective exercises for your fitness workout. The free exercises are divided into muscle groups, as well as basic and isolation exercises that you can use during your workout. To study the execution technique, there are presented animation pictures and a brief meaningful description, which is important for the training to be effective, and a fitness trainer app will help with this. Using a fitness trainer, arm workouts, muscle workouts, circuit workouts, abs workouts and other workouts will be more effective and simpler. You just have to choose a gym or use exercises for your home. Also for those who practice on the sports ground, free exercises on horizontal bars and parallel bars with different grips are presented.
In our fitness apps in the cardio section, there are cardio workouts with which you can maintain your physical shape, increase endurance and strength, and also include in your workout program to warm up during a fitness workout and increase its effectiveness. Cardio is also effective in helping budding athletes prepare for more serious fitness program in the gym or doing exercises at home. The cardio workouts presented in our application can be performed in places such as: gym, sports fields, in the pool, as well as during training at home.
The stretching section is filled with exercises that are aimed at stretching muscles and ligaments, as well as cooling down after doing exercises in the gym or working out at home. Stretching exercises play an important role in the training process of every athlete who is involved in sports such as fitness, bodybuilding. The stretching section will also be useful for those people who monitor their health, but they do not have the opportunity to practice in the gym. You can perform these free exercises during training at home. Stretching also helps to increase muscle growth, improve the condition of ligaments and joints, and improve free exercise performance during a fitness workout.
The built-in note tool will help you remember the most important things, as well as write down something important in the gym or during a workout at home if you do not have a pen and a sheet of paper at hand. Fitness trainer app "iStrongait" will keep your records.
Also there is stopwatch in our fitness apps and timer will allow you to record the results of a fitness workout, accurately monitor the periods of rest that are provided according to the workout, which will help you achieve better results during activities such as: fitness, bodybuilding. Our app can do this better than a personal trainer in the gym, and your workout will be even more effective.
Using our fitness trainer app, you can:
• build muscle
• create a training plan
• do cardio workouts.
• create fitness program
• have a workout planner
• watch gym workouts
By downloading this fitness trainer free, all the information you need about your gym workouts will be on your phone.

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Hakkında Antrenör uygulamamla fitness uygulamaları, antrenman planlayıcısı, egzersiz ve fitness programı.
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