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Expense Manager

How can an expense manager be both simple and intuitive and yet professional and strong? HandWallet Expense Manager is a free expense

How can an expense manager be both simple and intuitive and yet professional and strong? HandWallet Expense Manager is a free expense manager app used to control spending, plan budget, track expense and income and avoid over-draft.

• Unlimited expenses
• Manage your cash flow, checking, credit cards, e-wallet or giftcard expenses
• Interactive graphical charts of your expense and income
• Voice recognition! Record your expense without typing ( Expense Tracker Recorder )
• Save you time: more than 100 built in categories and sub categories (Food, Health, Transportation etc)

• Multiple accounts
• Multiple currencies. exchange rates manager - automatically online exchange rates
• Money manager - travel abroad and manage all expense in your home currency!
• Can link each transaction to categories (what is the expense ?), location (where did this expense took place?), persons (who did the expense ?) or projects (to what activity this expense is related?)
• Budgeter - Plan budget for each category, person or project
• Let you attach images, documents or voice memo

• EXCLUSIVE! Payment manager and credit card manager - calculate the exact payments in your credit card according to your "grace period" and "due day". You will never be surprised again
• EXCLUSIVE! Loans manager - calculate the interest and linkage on your mortgage or loans
• EXCLUSIVE! Consumption manager - manage your expense by consumption. If you pay for something for the whole year show in the chart only the relevant part for each month!

• Personal accountant. Business users can track invoices, receipts, delivery notes and VAT
• Business users can manage different worlds: one for their business and one for their home
• Manage expense anytime anywhere - internet connection not required
• Personal finance management: personal / family calculator.

• Advanced search options to find a transaction bill invoice or expenditure
• Backup & restore of your expenses
• Let you share your information to Facebook, Twitter, Google and other social networks
• Online help within the app
• Fast, reliable & secured. Password protection
• Ahead of any other free app : Mint, Pageonce, EasyMoney, Daily Money, Daily Expense Manager and others

Why to use an expense manager / expense tracker ?
Because tracking expenses and personal finance on a daily basis will give you control of your financial life, help you to be organized and pay bills, save you money and give you a better chance to discover your full financial potential.

Why to use HandWallet Expense Manager ?
Because it's the best expense manager app. And because we are creating expense manager and personal finance accounting software for 10 years and know exactly why most people want to manage expense but only few succeed.

How to start ?
Download the expense manager app for free. Verify that your language, country and currency are correct. Hand Wallet will create 3 default accounts: cash, bank account and credit card. You can later change the names of these accounts by pressing the "Data" tab and then "Accounts", for example Bank of America, credit card visa or electronic wallet. Then press the menu button and log your first expense. Track expenditures on a daily basis.

How to manage budget ?
Select the "data" tab and then categories. Select your category, for example " car expense ". Press the "advanced" button and select the type of budget: fixed budget, summarized budget, mix budget and so on. You can define a different budget for each period.

How to see a bar or pie graph of your expense ?
Press the "analyst" tab. Then select the category, for example " car expense " and the period. You can switch between expenses and budget by using the icon at the left.

More add-ons to expense manager :
Download budget and budget widget, accounting widget, personal finance location and bank SMS to add more features to HandWallet Expense Manager

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Hakkında How can an expense manager be both simple and intuitive and yet professional and strong? HandWallet Expense Manager is a free expense
Derecelendirme 5.00 / 5 of 1 votes
Gereksinimler Android OS version 1.6 and above
Dil Ingilizce
Lisans ücretsiz
Kategoriler expense manager, expenses, expense, budget, money, personal finance
Boyut 1.4 Mb
Versiyon 3.20
Yazar HandWallet Expense Manager
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