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Free EMF Detector, EMF Meter

Free EMF Detector, EMF Meter

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En İyi Ücretsiz EMF Dedektörü, radyasyona karşı anlamlı işlem yapmak için EMF Metre

ElectroSmart: The Best Free EMF Meter App / EMF Detector App on Android
ElectroSmart is a Radiofrequency Electromagnetic-Field (EMF) detector, also known as EMF Detector or EMF Meter.

Download ElectroSmart to join millions of people who care about Radiofrequency electromagnetic exposure. The free EMF meter app ElectroSmart will help you minimize your EMF exposure and take meaningful action to reduce it.

With ElectroSmart you can

* 🧐 find sources of exposure you might not be aware of (such as TV, game console, etc.)
* 🔬 objectify your level of exposure everywhere and anytime
* 👩‍👧‍👦 reduce exposure where it is most important for you (such as children rooms, bed rooms, etc.)

‍Make a change by spreading word 🙋 about ElectroSmart the best free EMF detector app.

ElectroSmart features
* Friendly and simple index - You don't need to be a physicist to understand if your exposure si low, moderate, or high.
* Measure the electric field produced by your environment Wi-Fi access points, Bluetooth devices, 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G cellular antennas - See how much they are emitting!
* Identify sources producing the EMF by name - You exposure is high? With ElectroSmart you can discover if it is due to your Bluetooth car kit, your Wi-Fi router, or your TV.
* Watchdog - Get notified in case of high EMF exposure and new sources even when the app is closed
* Track EMF exposure during the day - Statistics per day to monitor your EMF exposure
* Simple advices - Minimizing EMF exposure can be simple. We tell you what to do!

What is an EMF Meter or EMF Detector?
It can measure your exposure to EMF (electromagnetic waves) by measuring the electric field produced by the following communication technologies

* Wi-Fi access points
* Bluetooth devices
* 2G (GSM, GPRS, EDGE, etc.) cellular antennas
* 3G (UMTS, HSDPA, HSPA+, etc.) cellular antennas
* 4G (LTE) cellular antennas
* 5G cellular antennas

Unlike most EMF meter and EMF detector apps that only measure the magnetic field, ElectroSmart is able to measure the electric field produced by communication technologies.

Are Radiofrequency EMF dangerous?
There is not yet a scientific consensus on the subject. However, many institutions (for instance,
the Council of Europe) recommend to moderate your exposure in particular for sensitive persons such as pregnant women or children.

This is why we build ElectroSmart, to offer you a free, easy to use EMF meter/EMF detector.

If ever you feel symptoms associated with Electrosensitivity such as

* Headaches
* Inability to sleep
* Fatigue
* Dizziness

test ElectroSmart to see if adapting your environment makes a change.

Don't hesitate to contact our support at support@electrosmart.app

More info https://electrosmart.app


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Finally a app to help me with electro wave exposure I have the 2nd deadly epilepsy in the world & since moving into a new home my epilepsy came back & I developed Todd seizures I already have grand mall/big seizures sleep seizures & little seizures I don't need more brain damage or memory loss. Ps I think we should go back to land lines and Radio Signals before it's to late, there's a rumor that the fire in California was caused by the new 5G going through power lines 6G may be the rain of fire
I have been trying to fin out why I become so dizzy when I stand up I end up clasping on the floor, this app has opened my eyes to this sort of interference with the human body. I got some very high readings as this type of problem only affects me inside my house, most of it is WiFi, I am 100% fine if I am outside of my home this is why I tried this app, I had my boiler checked etc all clear that's when I started to look at other things that could affect me. Great app well done & it's free!!
You guys are awesome ..u make it so easy to understand rather than bunch of numbers with no explanation app's...u saved my life I was getting sick and I didn't realize that my WIFI in my house was the silent killer..this app help me to understand what was going on..and I canceled my WIFI..and all those little illnesses disappeared.. red eyes..dry eyes..tingles in my legs..thyroid problem and more ..these are all EMF doing to everyone's body...go back to cable and limit EMF..turn off your WIFi..
Exceptional and informal information / people who specialize in this area who are genuinely concerned about you! I reached out to them because of the exposure I'm receiving high in nature and it's affecting my mental health and physical health and they are willing to provide me with Solutions as I'm very nervous about the exposure that I'm being subjected to is my current ISP! I really recommend this application to all! FYI this works offline!
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