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All in One: Digital

Yüz serilerini izleyin - Hepsi Bir Arada. Samsung Watch tamamlayıcı uygulaması.

Watch face series - All in One: Digital

2 in 1: Buy AIO Digital 1 or AIO Digital 2 inside this app and take second one for free.

• Imperial/Metric units (Fahrenheit + Miles / Celsius + Meters).
• Customizable app icons (1-5) to launch apps directly from your watch face.
• Customizable info icons (1-9): 4 - main mode + 3-5 - watch always on.
• Health data: Calories, Distance, Steps, Heart rate.
• Weather data: Precipitation, Pressure, Sunrise, Sunset, Temperature (High / Low), UV Index, Wind, Forecast 3 days, Forecast Today.
• Battery status (Watch & Phone).
• Moon phase.
• Notification badges.
• Customizable fonts.
• Customizable date formats.
• Customizable text & background colours.

Premium settings:
• Tap on the Smart Watch battery icon to open the settings page.

Free version is not customizable.

Important: That the data is updated timely and regularly, please do follow for "AIO Digital", "Galaxy Watch PlugIn" ("Watch Active2 Plugin"), "Galaxy Wearable" and "Samsung Accessory Service" apps.

S Health:
• Because of smartwatch software limits, it is impossible to sync Calories, Distance and Steps data automatically at the begin. Calculation starts from the time you select the watch face. On the next day (at midnight) counters on the watch face and S Health will both synced to 0.
• On the Galaxy Watch series, the S Health app takes extra data from your phone.

Inside settings:
• 'BG' - background (show textured background). If 'off', shows coloured background.
• 'hPa' - show pressure in hectoPascals, otherwise in inHg/mmHg.
• 'Sec' - show seconds.

Forecast 3 days: High / Low temperature for tomorrow and next 2 days.
Forecast Today: Temperature for next hours with 4 hours step (Time: Temp).

UV Index (0-10): 1-3: Low, 4-5: Moderate, 6-7: High, 8-9: Very High, 10: Extreme.
Hidden in the app settings if it is not provided for current location.

Moon phases: New, WxC (Waxing crescent), FQ (First quarter), WxG (Waxing gibbous), Full, WnG (Waning gibbous), LQ (Last quarter), WnC (Waning crescent).

Compatible with:
• Samsung Galaxy Watch
• Samsung Galaxy Watch Active
• Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2
• Samsung Gear S3 Frontier
• Samsung Gear S3 Classic
• Samsung Gear Sport
• Samsung Gear S2

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Hakkında Yüz serilerini izleyin - Hepsi Bir Arada. Samsung Watch tamamlayıcı uygulaması.
Derecelendirme 3.30 / 5 of 55 votes
Gereksinimler Require Android 6.0 and up
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