Paintball Shooting Game 3D

Paintball Shooting Game 3D

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Mini Sports

Paintball fighter dodge, duck & run with glee hoping to be the last one standing


Paintball Shooting Game 3D کھیل info

Get into the indoor arena for the ultimate airsoft paintball challenge where you will play against the enemies with loaded paintball guns! Eliminate them or get eliminated by the sharpshooters, reload you're nerfing gun and show your shooting skills in the color arena!

There is the ultimate paintball color shooting competition having different levels in the colorful indoor paintball arena. Take your different paintball guns and get into the battle of colors. Be alert and experience your color shooting skills while roaming in the arena having enemies behind the cover barriers. High profiled super characters include john, anime, mia, donkey, robot girl and much more will help your hands in the battle versus super energetic paintball rivalries

Enjoy the colorful shooting game having a lot of indoor fun with unique episodes!

Paintball Shooting Games Feature:

•tIndoor colorful arena

•tCover barrel

•tMinimap to search your enemies

•tMany guns to buy

•tThe third-person shooting

•tInteresting gameplay

•tRealistic physics

•tAwesome animations and 3d models

•tGame online earning has been added, so earn as much as you can

•tNew graphics.

•tNew arenas include street & blocks arena.

•tAll new challenges will take your interest to the newest height.


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Paintball shoot 3D Android gameplay - #shorts

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Android 5.1
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Mini Sports
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