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Sonolus is an innovative Android Rhythm Game that offers players and level creators an unprecedented level of freedom.

The Sonolus apk file is available for free download without modifications. We've checked the Sonolus apk file for viruses and can guarantee its authenticity.

Sonolus Rhythm เกม

Sonolus is a revolutionary mobile rhythm game of the next generation for Android phones that offers maximum freedom to players and level makers alike. Featuring a powerful, yet performant scripting system, users can create completely unique and different gaming experiences, as well as replicate existing games with an unparalleled degree of verisimilitude..

Unlike traditional rhythm games, Sonolus APK requires its user to download multiple servers in order to enjoy the full range of available gaming modes; these servers must be downloaded and connected seperately from the main application. Although this may seem like an extra step at first glance, it affords users greater flexibility in terms of customisation and choice. Furthermore, developers have complete freedom when creating their own modding environments - whether it be to replicate or innovate on existing or entirely new gameplay engines - which makes for a truly immersive experience for everyone involved..

The graphics within the game are colourful and vibrant with plenty of detail which really aids in creating a captivating atmosphere throughout each level. The UI also has ample user-friendly customisations options so that each individual can tailor their experience accordingly; by doing so even complex games such as puzzle-solving levels remain highly playable throughout. Additionally, controls are intuitively implemented onto the smartphone’s touch screen: allowing for an effortless navigation through the various menus and options available in game.

In conclusion Sonolus is an impressive platform that should satisfy both casual gamers who wish to explore new challenges as well as veteran players eager to create their own personalised gaming experiences with ease. Unmatched flexibility alongside eye-catching graphics make this APK free rhythm game stand out above all others its competitors.

After you have installed the Sonolus main program, you need to add some servers and connect them. This is because Sonolus itself does not come with any gameplay, and all data needs to be obtained from the server-they may be written and built by developers all over the world.

You may not know the address of the server that contains the variant you want to play. Luckily, the site you're on now is here to help with that -- it's a collection of various Sonolus server addresses. Like Rush E

Sonolus server list
Fifteen Puzzel

Project Sekai

Sweet Potato Project Sekai

Bandori! (BanG Dream!)


Love Live Custom Chart Community



Taiko no Tatsujin



Veselin Nedev



Android Phone

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You can download the latest version of the Sonolus เกม in APK (Android Package) file format.

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Explaining the basics of Sonolus and how I set it up

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  • Sonolus 0.6.5

    Feb 22, 2023 • APK
  • Sonolus 0.6.5

    Feb 22, 2023 • APK

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